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Psychiatrists are medical doctors and diagnose illness, manage treatment and provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication, whereas a psychologists cannot prescribe any medication, you would need to discuss that with your GP.

Psychologists focus on providing tools and strategies through a series of sessions that cover discussing and analyzing your situation through talking about what is happening for you. Psychologists are not medical doctors.

Counsellors and psychologists are both licensed professionals who offer clients mental health support.

Counselling is typically concerned with immediate and practical issues such as processing grief or anger, helping the client identify options when making important personal or professional decisions, or building better interpersonal or communication skills.

Counsellors help patients who are struggling to cope with a specific problem or are having trouble in their everyday lives. A counsellor’s role is to guide a patient through their problems and help them understand how their behaviours and emotions have an effect on their outcomes. Counsellors often work with issues related to addiction, relationships, work-related concerns, grief, trauma and abuse.

A counsellor might work with a client to learn how to better manage conflicts in relationships or to clarify his or her values on a particular topic. Counselling is typically short-term. The focus in counselling is to the client’s concerns and difficulties as well as understanding how patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings can cause problems in daily life.

Psychologists have practical and research skills that may be applied in many fields, including health, education and management. They may work with both mentally ill and emotionally healthy clients who need help understanding behavioural problems. Psychotherapy is used in long-term treatment of mental illness and to help clients conduct an intensive and extensive examination of their psychological history. The goal of the psychotherapist in these cases is to free the client from unconscious triggers or impulses through increasing the client’s self-awareness and control.

Psychologists assist patients who are dealing with mostly complex mental health conditions. But as experts in human behaviour, they can also help mentally healthy people to improve in other areas of their lives. A psychologist is qualified to evaluate a patient’s mental health and through diagnostic or psychometric testing, administer therapeutic care and treatment. Psychologists can also work in an academic environment performing research in their area of specialty.

Crestpoint Wellbeing is a separate business to Crestpoint Psychology and offers a different skillset for those seeking guidance in life.

A Wellbeing Advisor is a professional coach who takes an holistic approach to helping their clients live healthy and fulfilled lives. Rather than concentrate on just one area of overwhelm or problem, they work with their clients to identify difficulties or issues in all areas of their life.

Similar to Life Coaching or Mentoring, our team of Wellbeing Advisors is like talking with someone that can offer guidance, balanced viewpoints or an alternative perspective on your current situation that allows the client to make more informed and comfortable decisions about where to develop their own skills, experiences or direction.

Wellbeing Advisors can offer a different set of eyes about a situation or experience that you have been through, and are maybe finding a little difficult to reconcile as to why it has happened, or how to best apply, shift or adapt to a new situation. These often revolve around having life-changing conversations that can significantly improve the results we get.

Often with psychology or counselling, the focus may be related to a specific issue or need, however a Wellbeing Advisor may help with linking the entire picture together as a whole, and shows how the impact of one thought can array across multiple areas of work, relationships and social aspects.

For more information on Crestpoint Wellbeing CLICK HERE to book a FREE SESSION with a Wellbeing Advisor

At Crestpoint Psychology, we understand that there are multiple reasons that prompt someone to attend. For this reason, we like to gain an understanding during your initial consultation as to what brought you to the point of contacting Crestpoint.

We allow clients to provide as much or as little information as they feel comfortable with, however we do encourage clients to share as much as they feel they can, so that we can match them with the most suitable and compatible person within the team to support their needs.

Your initial consultation with a Psychologist or Counsellor may, in some cases, be Bulk Billed.   Please ask the receptionist when booking your first appointment

Yes, however, a referral is required if you wish to speak with a Psychologist.   Medicare will not allow a rebate unless the GP or Doctor has referred you to see the Psychologist.

A referral is a letter from your GP or Doctor, and is a way of introducing a new client to the practitioner.  A Psychologist requires that the referral states how many sessions you are to be seen by the psychologist prior to a report summary of your progress is asked by the GP as a follow up.

If you are wanting to speak with someone but do not currently have a referral, there may be some options with Counselling that can help.  Please call our friendly receptionist team if you are unsure and they can help with information.

When booking an appointment to speak with a Psychologist, we do ask that you have a GP or Doctors referral ready with you when attending your first appointment.

Referrals allow for the processing of a Mental Health Care Plan through which Medicare Rebates are available

If you are wanting to speak with a Counsellor or are needing to meet with someone urgently, and can follow up later with a referral then we may be able to accommodate your needs

Speak with our friendly reception team for more information

Ph (07) 3420 6322

All information that is collected about you by Crestpoint Psychology is CONFIDENTIAL. Anything that you discuss with your practitioner, is private and confidential between you and them.

We have secure facilities to store all information and client files, both digital and traditional storage methods, so that your privacy is ensured. We follow the standard confidentiality guidelines as set out by the Privacy Act 1988. Nothing is disclosed without your knowledge or consent.

Absolutely, at all times. All documents are secured and the information that is online is secured by our secured service provider that supports all manner of Mental Health and Medical Practitioner’s information.

Crestpoint Psychology offers a wide range of support services across all areas of mental health. We have psychologists, counsellors, mental health clinicians of many different disciplines.

The goal is to ensure all areas of Mental Health and Wellbeing for the wider community is supported under the Crestpoint Psychology. If you have any questions, please contact our reception on (07) 3420 6322 to find out more.

Mental Health is a growing area where many people are seeking help or guidance for managing or coping with everyday struggles as well as for more complex mental health issues, long term trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, anger or issues with identity, relationships, and general happiness in any area of living.

Sometimes, people may feel there is a stigma or bad reflection on themselves if they need to seek help or guidance in life, however at Crestpoint Psychology, it is important that you know, we are here to support you, no matter how big or small your problems may seem.

Your mental health and wellbeing also affects your relationships, family members, children, friends and work environment.  It can mean the difference between hope for a better future or struggling with challenges all your life.   It takes courage to reach out for help, and Crestpoint Psychology is a safe place for you to find some answers.

Speak with one of our warm and welcoming team today and we can help guide you to the best person within the Crestpoint Family to assist.

A typical session at Crestpoint Psychology starts with a warm welcoming smile at the reception desk. We will offer tea, coffee or water when you arrive for your appointment.

If you are attending Crestpoint for the very first time, we will take you through an induction process that will explain the facilities, rebates, fees for services, cancellation policy and confidentiality.

After the first introductory session, the routine will be similar, whereby you will be shown to a comfortable waiting area until your practitioner is ready.

At the end of each session, we do require full payment either through EFTPOS, HiCaps or a combination of both.

Your next appointment will be set (if required) and this information will be provided to you before you leave.

If you have any questions regarding fees, this can be addressed with your practitioner, or if you have
questions regarding your appointment, please speak with our receptionist or call (07) 3420 6322.

We understand that there will be times when money may be a little short, and you need to prioritise between investing in your mental health and wellbeing or putting food on the table for the family.

We do not ask you to go hungry, but we understand that having a good mental health and wellness plan is essential to managing the requirements to daily living, and can greatly impact the success of things that you are attempting to achieve in life.

Talk to our team about some options that can help balance both mental health and wellness along with the other financial pressures you are currently facing. We have many options that allow people from all backgrounds to have access to good mental health support.

Yes absolutely.

However, Crestpoint Psychology will approve individual’s financial situation for bulk billing booking. In general terms, you might need to share about your bank statements with our Crestpoint executive.

We hold authority to revoke your bulk billing psychologist booking if your financial status found better than your explained situation to our executive.

If you do not find comfortable to discuss your financial situation with our executive, we recommend you to book for a free session. Our  friendly psychologists and counsellors will guide you to opt for a suitable service at a discounted price.


The Crestpoint Family is made up of 2 sections, Crestpoint Psychology and Wellbeing Centre.

We have invested time and energy into producing a great number of FREE resources that can significantly help with your mental health and wellbeing journey. Check our website news, blogs, events, activities and FREE workshops that can offer great tools and strategies to help you.

While these tools and strategies are generic and not specifically tailored therapies for your individual situation, there is a lot of information that you can apply yourself, which can improve your overall mental health and wellbeing.

Chat to our friendly reception team to ask for more information that may be able to assist (07) 3420 6322

You may wish to also check the Crestpoint Wellbeing website to see if there are areas that can assist with more FREE resources available there as well

Mental Health and Wellness is not a miracle cure or magic pill. There is no time limit placed upon obtaining someone’s happiness.

Crestpoint Psychology is committed wholeheartedly to each individual person’s mental health and wellness journey. That is why we have the team of practitioners, receptionists, administrators and management that we do, because we are ALL extremely focused and passionate in helping and healing the human race’s mental struggles and challenges.

We would love to have you well on your way to a successful happy and fulfilled life as quickly as possible but we understand that you need to take steps slowly, and a little at a time. There is no quick fix, however you should begin to see results fairly quickly after your first session or two at Crestpoint provided that you are open to learning, so that you can take onboard, and utilize the tools and strategies that are provided by your practitioner.

Remember, this is not a race, it is a journey through life. Let’s try and enjoy the scenery as we travel along.

Yes, we have very well trained and experienced clinicians, psychologists and counsellors that can help support even the most challenging of cases.

We are here to help

Please let us know your circumstances, and we will find the best person to match and meet your needs.

Crestpoint has 2 complimentary business models,  Crestpoint Psychology and Crestpoint Wellbeing.

Speak with our receptionist for more information on cost effective options for mental health and wellbeing information.