We can all struggle from time to time, and there are moments when you may wonder, what is life all about.

What if the answer was right there at your fingertips?

It is like trying to remember the name of a song, and it eludes you.  The tune is there, maybe even some of the words, but to recite the title and artist is just not happening in your brain right now.

Mental Health and Wellness is like that.   You already have much of the information you need to get your life on track and resolve all you problems quickly and easily, but the answer is just beyond reach.    It can be frustrating, and stressful, and yet, with a little tweak or nudge from a passing comment, a light-hearted movie or a random glimpse of wordporn and suddenly the light bulb moment happens for you.  Clarity brightens the fog and the sun shines again on your otherwise dull and monotonous day

Life gives us an opportunity to learn and grow through the tiniest of messages.  A fraction of a second that seeps into our consciousness and opens doors to new thoughts, positive, hopeful and inspiring.

What makes us unable to seek these glimpses more often?   Are we closed to possibility?  Have we been hurt too much before?

What if everything that happens from now on will show you an easier and happier way to live, just by recognising the smallest of signals on the pathway to success?

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Author: Julie Richman