What is the point in TALKING?

Talk therapy is what most Counsellors and Psychologists use to help them understand a little of the things that people are trying to cope with when it comes to handling daily living and the stress of difficult circumstances.  Many people have a tendency to hold problems in for fear of being judged or not wanting to share something embarrassing.  Men especially are susceptible to the stress of keeping their problems to themselves, and often this can result in frustration or built up anger if we are unable to sort through things in our own mind.

So why does it help to talk about things with a Therapist?

Firstly there is an internal pressure that builds up within if we cannot assimilate in our mind what is happening or why something is happening the way it does.

The brain has the capacity to create an imagination, and this can be helpful or also very destructive if not guided properly towards the directions that give the best results.  By talking things over with someone else, the brain is able to logically process thoughts and ideas from different perspectives and therefore it helps to create greater pathways through our understanding of a situation.   Providing alternative thought processes allows individual choices to widen with different possibilities and outcomes.

There is a pressure that can benefit from relief through getting something off our chest.  The body doesn’t have to store the stress and we often hear about healthy ways to get rid of our anger such as screaming into a pillow or taking our frustrations out on a punching / boxing bag, which produces physical exertion to give an outlet to the built up energy.   Talking about things allows an avenue to release some frustrations as well, albeit less intensively physical than punching some inanimate object, but there is a pressure relief, especially if the talking helps to release tears  at the same time.

Talking is our way of communicating what is really going on.   This provides the platform for us to feel heard.   If anything else, the therapist can provide untold support just by listening to the person talk about what is happening, how they feel and why they feel that way.

In the end we all need to feel heard.

As human beings our desire is to be happy within ourselves, and by being heard we can feel a sense of inner calm.   Someone understands me, someone is listening.

Talking is our way of healing.   It is the best way a human can connect to themselves as well as others, through the helpful process of sharing a problem if only for some inner relief, a helpful view from someone outside the situation, as well as being able to shed some of the stress that is clogging up the mind.

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Author: Julie Richman Dynamic Duos in Business & Practice Manager (Crestpoint Psychology & Crestpoint Wellbeing)